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5 Ways a Virtual Tour Can Help You




99.9% of all viewers fall asleep in the first 3 seconds of a traditional photo tour.


Alright, I might have exaggerated a bit there but let’s admit it….


Traditional photo tours are boring and leave your viewers disengaged, so why not try something a little different? Something a little more interactive? Something like a virtual tour? Here’s how a tour can help you, and your business!



1. Engagement

Virtual tours are a great way to enhance user engagement. In this day and age, attention spans are getting increasingly shorter. Any content that doesn’t immediately capture and hold someones attention is immediately dropped and forgotten. A virtual tour gives you the ability to actively engage your audience in an exciting way that will tantalize their sense of vision.



2. Take a virtual field trip

Reading a history textbook or listening to a teacher lecture about ancient history can be boring for most of us. But a virtual tour can make history come to life all while you remain seated at your desk! Take a virtual field trip through King Tut’s grave. Walk across the Great Wall of China! With a virtual field trip, history can be fun again!




3. Hot spots

Think a tour is exciting, but doesn’t contain all the information you want to deliver? Think again! Interactive hot spots allow you to view exciting and informational content with the click of a button. Simply look or click in the direction of a hot spot and immediately access interactive video, info, games and more!



4. Virtual Reality capability

Have a smartphone? Of course you do; everyone does! You can turn your virtual tour into virtual reality with only your phone. Get yourself a few Google Cardboards, and your phone is now a mobile virtual reality device! These days, virtual reality is more accessible than ever.



5. Create your own content

Many may be thinking at this point, “This all sounds cool, but it also sounds expensive”. This is not the case! You actually have the ability to create all the virtual content that your heart desires! With just a simple click of a button, you can take a spherical photo, and use it to create your next virtual tour.



So how do I shoot this awesome content you ask?

This thing of wonder right here, the Ricoh Theta. Once you capture a 360 panorama on the Theta, make sure to upload it to PanoPla to convert your content into an immersive virtual tour!


Virtual Tour





Supported on both:
IOS, Android devices

Virtal Tour

Steven Simons
Marketing & Social Coordinator

Daniel Blair

I am the owner, founder, and one of the developers at Bit Space Development Ltd.

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