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Did you know that you can bring VR to your event? We have worked with people from all kinds of industries to bring VR gaming to their conferences, classrooms, school events, and unconferences. You can book us for speaking opportunities, demos, parties, and more.

You do not need to worry about equipment or software licenses, we handle all of that.


There is a cost associated with booking workshops, events, and speaking opportunities. The cost is $500 per day in Winnipeg, $1000 / day plus travel outside of Winnipeg.


What kind of event are you looking for Bit Space to come and demo or speak at?
Please describe your event as best you can.
What kind of technology are you looking to bring to your event? Note: Some equipment we have multiples of, but generally we have 1-2 of each.
Do you have any other information?

Past Events

Where have we been lately?

  • DisruptED 2016 – Winnipeg Manitoba
  • RBC Innovation Days 2016 – Winnipeg Manitoba
  • Web Summit 2016 – Lisbon Portugal
  • Polytechnics Canada – Ottawa Ontario
  • C4 Comic Con / BaseLAN 2016 – Winnipeg Manitoba
  • Innovation Alley Block Party – Winnipeg Manitoba
  • MadLAT 2016 – Winnipeg Manitoba
  • RRC College Days – Winnipeg Manitoba
  • SAGE 2015 – Winnipeg Manitoba
  • Ed Camp Winnipeg 2015 – Winnipeg Manitoba

We do not list schools or divisions unless specifically requested.

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