Gamified Training & Education

Education is important, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Our immersive technology allows your trainees and students to experience a completely new side of training, using Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

Our technology can bring the following benefits to you:

A Safe Environment

Our success story starts from the core idea is to reduce the risk during job training. Training can be sometimes hazardous, especially in heavy industries with high risks of injuries. Bit Space Development commits to developing highly interactive, VR training environments which simulate the real job site, and provide real practices for trainees. Learners can be hurt in VR following false actions, but they do not in real life. VR training simulators can help learners gain the required knowledge and understanding of the subject matter without physically being in a real and harmful environment.

Real-life Situations

VR technology offers us an innovative way to simulate the real-life situations. It can be developed to simulate the way to operate an excavator, emulate the work of a machine, or simply to let trainees discover the new job site without being there physically.

Immersive Learning

Paper-based learning is still important, but tends to be boring these days. Virtual reality is more immersive that engages and excites learners with interactions. This creates a fun and effective learning environment that shakes up the learning and development industry, especially for learning in which interactions are the core.


Virtual reality is a great choice for trainings where resources are scarce or the equipment is too expensive. By modelling your equipment, thanks to the scanning technology, you could develop a training program to the trainees that will enable them to interact with it, follow best practice procedures or carry out fault finding scenarios, without having to be in the real job site. The developed models can be re-used forever without being re-scanned and re-built up. This can save you tons of expenses for future training app development.

Here are some of our current projects. Let’s check it out!


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