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Pilot App – Roadbuilders Safety Training System



We have just uploaded a pilot window-based application of the RSTS and it is ready to go. A compressed package can be downloaded HERE, including

  1. An executable file to launch the app.
  2. A Help Manual which will guide you through all the steps from Launching to How to play the game.


Bit Space Development Ltd. in partnership with Manitoba Heavy Construction Council developed a series of eLearning modules of the Roadbuilders Safety Training System (RSTS) Course, using 360 photos and videos technology. This has created an immersive learning content that entitled trainees to access the job site beforehand without leaving the training room, unlike the other conventional training methods like paper-based or online training with audio.

By a series of training modules, learners get to know more about the Construction Law, Heavy Construction Awareness, Specialized Work, Traffic Control, Utilities, and so on. Eventually, learners will need to pass a test at the end of a module to proceed to another.


As this is a pilot app, your testing and feedback would be great values to us to improve the official version. Try it and fill in the Feedback Form below so we know how much you like it.

Feedback Form
Our testing and feedback are great values to us for further improvements. We would like to hear from you.
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Erick Tran
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