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Roadbuilders Safety Training System

Roadbuilders Safety Training System

Bit Space Development Ltd. in partnership with Manitoba Heavy Construction Council developed a series of eLearning modules of the Roadbuilders Safety Training Course, using 360 photos and videos technology. This has created an immersive learning content that entitled trainees to access the job site beforehand without leaving the training room, unlike the other conventional training methods like paper-based or online training with audio.

By a series of training modules, learners get to know more about the Construction Law, Heavy Construction Awareness, Specialized Work, Traffic Control, Utilities, and so on. Eventually, learners will need to pass a test at the end of a module to proceed to another.

Let’s check it out down here.

This is a demo course for Module 2: General Hazard Awareness

1. Describe the basic steps of a hazard assessment

  • Name the 10 top safety hazards in heavy construction
  • Identify the hazards of public safety
  • Identify the basic emergency procedures for heavy construction
  • Explain how to keep a workplace clean and safe
  • List the items for basic PPE

2. Hazard Assessment:

WORKSAFELY, Manitoba Heavy Construction Association is dedicated to increasing safety in the industry. The Workplace Safety and Health Act and Regulations provide legal controls for the many hazards you will face. The heavy construction industry also has control measures in place to protect your safety.

Hazard assessment provides this assurance of safety. A hazard assessment is the identification of a safety or health hazard with communication of implemented control measures. A hazard assessment must be completed before beginning each job and at regular intervals thereafter. Your supervisor is responsible for ensuring it is done. He or she must also request input from you if you are available.

When the hazard assessment is completed, the supervisor must review it and clearly describe the control measures that ensure it is complete safely. That is why you attended a safety orientation on the first day of work and why safe work practices and safe job procedures are reviewed with you to ensure your competency.

3. Passing the ending test after each module

The ending test following each module is embedded in the virtual course as well to assess learner’s knowledge and practices.


January 24, 2017


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