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Fossil Discovery Adventure App

In cooperation with Zenfri, we worked hard to develop a first-of-its-kind augmented reality “Fossil Discovery Adventure” App that allows visitors to Morden’s Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre (“CFDC”) to have an awesome fossil hunting experience.

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Construction Safety Simulator

We have build an interactive solution for businesses to do safety training in room scale VR using the real job objects. We are working hard to make it easy for any business to make safety training ultra immersive and achievable, while engaging users by transporting them into real life scenarios.

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Roadbuilders Safety Training

An eLearning course developed in association with Manitoba Heavy Construction Association to train learners on Roadbuilders Safety Training System. This course is intended to entitle the trainees to learn in an immersive environment with 360 photos and videos.

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Flagperson Safety Game

A game developed in association with the Manitoba Construction Sector Council to accompany the training provided by the flagger safety course. This game is intended to aid students in reviewing and learning the skills required to become a flag person.

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Cinémental 25 App

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Cinémental, Manitoba’s premiere Festival of French Language Films, we’re creating an AR “Cinémental 25” App that features a unique, location-based poster hunting game that will tell the story of our festival year by year from locations around Winnipeg.

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Virtual Tour – St. John’s Ravenscourt

Recently we have worked with St. John’s Ravenscourt School to create a virtual tour that provides an immersive experience for prospective students to take a virtual walk around and discover the school area before their official visit.

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Virtual Tour – Red River College

We have been working with Red River College on a virtual campus tour that features signature buildings at the Exchange District Campus. We hope to bring an innovative and immersive experience for the students to discover their future learning campus.

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