Cinémental 25 - AR App for Festivals

Dan Blair speaking at TedX Winnipeg

By Dan Blair

An AR App For Festivals

For the 25th year of the local festival Cinémental the organizers wanted to do something special. The festival has been an important part of both the french and film communities in Winnipeg for the last 25 years so it deserved something special. To build something amazing Bit Space teamed up with our creative friends at Zenfri, one of Winnipeg’s leading creative firms. What we built was a festival application that uses augmented reality to both promote the festival and teach the vibrant history behind it.


Hunt for posters across Winnipeg to unlock tales from Cinémental’s 25 year history. Watch the poster in front of you transform into posters from the festival’s past using augmented reality! Travel to important landmarks across Saint-Boniface and Winnipeg such as the Saint Boniface Cathedral, the Esplanade Riel and Gabrielle Roy House! View maps with game poster and festival screening locations View this year’s screening schedule and don’t forget to buy tickets

How to Play

Select the year you want to learn more about. Use the map to hunt down that poster. Once you’ve found the poster corresponding to that year, press “Scan Poster.” Center the QR Code with the onscreen guides. Follow the onscreen prompt. If you’ve found the right poster, you’ll see it transform into a historic poster from that year’s festival! Once revealed, click “Accept” to unlock interesting stories and details about that year and location. Find the next poster!

Augmented Reality

You have probably heard of augmented reality from Pokemon Go or Clandestine Anomaly, in the Cinémental 25 app you are augmenting reality by unlocking the historical photos and posters from the festival’s past. When you scan a poster watch it disappear as it is replaced with the image you’ve unlocked. We can’t wait for you to try out the app and don’t forget to get your tickets for Cinémental 25!

Get The App

You can download the app on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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