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We're Greenlit!

Bit Space Development’s Construction Safety Simulator was Greenlit on Valve’s Steam platform. This is very exciting news for our team!

So What Does This Mean?

Well this is exciting news for Bit Space Development because over the last year or so, we have been working with many different organizations to build interactive training solutions to help organizations accomplish things like hazard identification without putting their employees in danger while they learn. Being “greenlit” is awesome because this was an opportunity to take what we knew and build something fresh in virtual reality. We were voted onto the Steam platform in less than a week, far less time than industry standard which has given us a huge amount of data about our potential customers.

Essentially we asked people if this is something they would like, and they responded with an overwhelming YES.

So What Did We Build?

We have built an interactive solution for businesses to do safety training in room scale VR using real on the job objects like excavators and the like. The system is customized for the needs of the business and adapted to meet their learning outcomes. We are working hard to make it easy for any business to make safety training ultra-immersive and achievable, while engaging users by transporting them into real life scenarios.

Customizable Learning Platform

Construction Safety Simulator is a universal simulation platform that we can adapt for many use cases. The platform is primarily tailored to construction-based workplace training, but we can adapt it for specific use cases. Some of our existing simulations include a welding simulator, a power tools simulator, and we’re currently working on an aerial lift platform simulator. We’ve even used the Construction Safety Simulator as the basis for Safe Worker’s of Tomorrow’s LevelUP VR experience for kids.

Ask for a Demonstration!

This is a tool for consumers to learn and businesses to teach. We are now reaching out to businesses who are interested in seeing this technology grow with an opportunity to be a part of it. If you have any questions please ask, we are hoping to set up as many demos as possible. You will be able to try the game out next week in person at the North Forge Block Party (make sure you’re there for lots of amazing news).

Check our Steam Page for More Details

If you’re interested in learning more about the Construction Safety Simulator project, check out our Steam page or contact us for a demonstration

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