Photogrammetry - The Real Virtual World

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By Dan Blair

Photogrammetry is a very interesting science, it is something that is still growing but it is a technology that is going to revolutionize virtual reality. Imagine taking photos of a room and turning them into a 3D model that can be imported into Unity to walk around in. So if I walked around one of my developers (Landon) and scanned him, I can create a 3D version of him which you can see below.

Scanning The World

The crude scan above was generated using a Project Tango. The Tango tablet makes it quick an easy to scan objects, rooms, people, but it isn’t as high quality as using a dedicated rig. There are a few technologies you might already have to get started with 3D scanning. One of the best is the XBOX Kinect sensor.

Practical Applications

How can we use this technology in useful ways? Immediately I look at photogrammetry as something that can be used to create ultra realistic training simulators and educational tools. I scanned the entrance to the North Forge accelerator here in Manitoba where we work.

I wanted to place you inside a space. We could ideally bring this to a video game experience where users explore the actual real life space with hotspots and overlays.  The wheels are spinning now for how we can use this. How can you see this technology helping you?

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