Winnipeg VR – Explore The City Immersively

Winnipeg VR - Explore The City Immersively Bit Space Development Ltd. Winnipeg VR

Winnipeg VR Explore The City Virtually By BSD Marketing Over the past several months we have been working on a 360-degree video experience with the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce called Winnipeg VR. This experience takes you to multiple different businesses including some well known, and some new businesses that show our diverse business ecosystem here in the prairies […]

Roadbuilders Safety Training Updates

Roadbuilders Safety Training Updates Bit Space Development Ltd. Roadbuilders Safety Training

New Features on Roadbuilders Safety Training By BSD Marketing The Roadbuilders Safety Training (RSTS) is a 16-module training course for Roadbuilders to learn and get more practice on safety training at the work site. The training app is powered in Virtual Reality that requires a VR Headset and a controller. Naratives RSTS gameplay has been […]

IBEW Safety VR

IBEW Safety VR Bit Space Development Ltd. IBEW Safety VR

IBEW Safety VR Identification And Analysis Of Safety Hazards On The Virtual Construction Worksite​ By Kevin Carbotte The electrical construction industry is inherently dangerous and safety is paramount. There are dangers on all job sites, particularly for inexperienced new entrants such as youth, Indigenous people, women and newcomers pursuing pre-apprenticeship training. Virtual reality technology is […]

VRSafety – The New Way To Learn

vr safety title card

VR Safety App By BSD Marketing With the current astonishing facts and figures about serious safety issues in construction industry, Bit Space Development came up with an app idea that leverages Virtual Reality in safety training. With Virtual Reality, the training experience is immersive but very hands-on as the content is taken from the real job site, […]

Bit Space on Pulse on VR

virtual reality development

Bit Space Development Pulse on VR By BSDMarketing The following content is taken from Pulse on VR website.  The last week of June 2018 was a great chance for Bit Space to share our story with Pulse on VR. We would like to thank the team for this meaningful article which clearly explains what we are visioning and […]

Bit Space Skills Canada

Skills Canada

Bit Space at Skills Canada By Kevin Carbotte Last weekend was a busy time in Winnipeg where a large competition and trade show took place at RBC Convention Centre for Skills Canada National Competition 2017. Apart from being an exciting event of trades, it is also a gathering place for in-the-field innovations and decision-makers in various […]

WCB Grants Awarded in 2016

wcb grant

WCB Grants Awarded in 2016 By BSDMarketing Bit Space Development is proud to be the technology provider for two WCB Grants awarded in 2016 on Safety Training in Construction On March 2nd, 2017, the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba (WCB)  released its 2016 Annual Research and Workplace Innovation Program report. In 2016, WCB awarded only […]

4 Benefits of a Virtual Tour for your listings

4 Benefits of a Virtual Tour for your listings Bit Space Development Ltd. virtual tour

4 Benefits of a Virtual Tour for your listings By Dan Blair We all know Real Estate is such a competitive industry. Using a virtual tour in Real Estate industry is becoming more popular.  For this, you may want to consider the benefits of incorporating a virtual tour of your next real estate listing. 1. Buyers […]