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By Kevin Carbotte

The Bruce D Campbell Farm & Food Discovery Centre or “Museum” in short initiated and installed on-site displays where visitors could access, search and learn about the history and general information of the exhibits. However, these apps were not flexible for any edit after being built and installed. This brought difficulties for the Museum to get them updated, even they had to spend an extra dollar on the app updates.

Solution: On-site Displays System

Bit Space provides a web interface where they can create and edit their content with a WYSIWYG editor. The content is then displayed on their large touch-friendly displays powered by Unity. What you create on the online content editor is displayed in the Unity Application as shown in the editor.

The staff from the Museum has the full power to create as many categories and items they want. The Content displayed comes with all the formats you would expect from Microsoft Docs. Within the museum, they serve as interactive digital media with the physical objects displayed.

Export Wall

Manitoba exports various crops and livestock to all over the world. The App Export Wall visually presents where Manitoba is exporting items to with beautiful animations. With the app, the user can easily see how far the countries Manitoba exports to are from here, and which country import the most from Manitoba with the world map.

Benefits – Prior to this app, the museum did not have ability to change the dollar amount exported after the app was built. With our app, the Museum has the web dashboard where they can edit the numbers easily, which will be downloaded to the app -> now they can update every year by themselves, and without rebuilding the entire app again.

About the Center

The Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre is the first hands-on facility which will explore the ways in which food is made in Canada.   The centre is located at the National Centre for Livestock and the Environment, at the University of Manitoba’s Glenlea Research Station.

Exciting and interactive exhibits lead visitors from the farmer’s wheat field to the kitchen table.  A highlight of these exhibits are viewing windows into real working pig barn, where visitors will peek into a day in the life of a pig.

Visitors learn about every aspect of food production from farming practices to retail sales. The Discovery Centre also highlights ongoing research at the National Centre for Livestock and the Environment.

The centre’s design features flexibility, and includes a multipurpose room, exhibit areas, office and reception, washrooms and storage space.  Other features include a dedicated parking lot, a bus drop-off zone, a landscaped picnic area and outside exhibits designed to mimic river lots upon which Manitoba crops can be grown. The multipurpose space will support hands-on activities and can be used for public presentations and meetings. 

Visit the UManitoba Discovery Center website for more details, or check out our Projects page for more app examples.

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