Pico Reinforces Commitment to 3DoF VR with Improved G2 Headsets

With Oculus out of the picture, Pico Interactive’s G2 lineup is not just the best 3DoF VR option for enterprise; it’s now the only choice left.

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By Kevin Carbotte

Pico Interactive reinforced its commitment to 3DoF virtual reality this week. The company seized the opportunity to fill the gap that Oculus created by discontinuing the Oculus Go. Pico just launched two new headsets, which solidify its lead in this market. Pico’s G2 lineup is not just the best option; it’s now the only option for 3DoF enterprise VR.

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Oculus bows out

In June, Oculus announced that it would be dropping the Oculus Go from its lineup of VR products and would no longer pursue 3DoF VR solutions. The company has moved to endorse 6DoF VR fully. The announcement came as a surprise to many companies, as there is still a hungry appetite for 3DoF VR solutions in the enterprise world. Not everyone needs a 6DoF solution.

For instance, our VRSafety training platform uses 360-degree content to teach people about dangerous work environments before stepping foot on the worksite. It’s far more cost-effective to use photographs and videos of these environments than to recreate them in 3D, so there’s no need for a 6DoF headset for that kind of training solution.

We've got a history with Pico

Here at Bit Space Development, we’ve long been fans of Pico’s offerings. We developed several projects for the Pico Goblin G1, which gave us an early glimpse of standalone VR. We deployed many of our recent projects on Pico G2 headsets.

Pico G2 4K Enterprise

The Pico G2 includes a 3K display, a nice improvement over the 1080p display found in the original model. Last year, Pico upped its game again and released the G2 4K, which, as the name implies, features a 4K display for improved visuals. 

The updated headset also includes a moisture-resistant cushion that helps keep the headsets sanitary—an essential feature in this day and age of global pandemic scares.

Along with the Pico G2 4K came the G2 Pro. That model included the 3K display of the original G2 along with a front-facing camera.

New and Improved G2 for 2020

Pico’s new G2 models adopt the best of the G2 4K, including the PU cushion material, and add a few fancy features. 

The Pico G2 4K S offers more storage–to the tune of 128GB; a bigger battery that gives the headset up to 20% more runtime than the previous model; and the ability to replace the battery if it ever fails.

"At Pico, we’re always innovating, evolving and seeking out feedback to improve our products,” said Henry Zhou, CEO of Pico Interactive. “As other companies have decided to discontinue sales of its 3DoF products that are still valued by the enterprise, we listened to their needs and are proud to continue to offer 3DoF solutions – along with our 6DoF Neo 2 line. Businesses of all sizes looking for an immersive 4K experience have been relying on our G2 4K headset since its creation, and we’ve utilized feedback over the past year to create two upgraded headsets that we believe meets the needs of the most demanding of customers.”

The Pico G2 4K Enterprise takes the feature set one step further. It combines the best of the G2 Pro with the G2 4K S to create a full-featured headset that offers a large, replaceable battery, a 4K display for a great visual experience, and a front-facing camera to enable new capabilities for future software.

Pico G2 4K Enterprise

We can help you get them

With this week’s announcement, Pico is now positioned as the leader in this space. Bit Space Development is an official Pico Interactive Technology Partner, which means we can build you software and procure the hardware to simplify the buying experience. 

The Pico G2 4K S is available now and the enterprise edition is coming in Q3 2020. 

If you’ve got a project idea, we can rapidly take it from concept to a fully realized solution, including custom app development and hardware procurement. And if you have an existing VR application for the Oculus Go, we would be delighted to help you port it to Pico’s platform. 

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