Get Ready For The Metaverse!
It's Coming in Hot!

By BSD Staff

The Metaverse is suddenly on fire! Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that Facebook is on a path to transform into a Metaverse company. TikTok spent 9 billion to acquire VR equipment company Pico Interactive, and Roblox, which is called the first stock of the Metaverse, rose 10 times in valuation since last year.


So, what is the Metaverse

Many people think that the Metaverse is just a fancy term for virtual reality games. While games can be part of the Metaverse, calling the Metaverse just a game is a massive disservice to the potential of this idea. The Metaverse is so much more than a new gaming technology.


The Metaverse is a virtual world that blends elements of the digital world seamlessly with our natural lives. The Metaverse will interact with current and future immersive technologies and integrate with many advanced technologies that interact with each other. Buzzword-y technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning will play a significant role in shaping the future Metaverse.


Currently, many venture capital institutions have already referred to the Metaverse as the next-generation internet. Our ever-connected social lifestyles have formed the foundation of what will become our integrated digital future. 

If you think the idea of the Metaverse is a bit abstract, the book and movie Ready Player One do a good job putting the concept into perspective. Ready Player One takes place in a world where reality and the digital world are inextricably intertwined. If you’ve seen the film, you should have a solid grasp of what the Metaverse could soon resemble. 


The core idea is the Metaverse is a digital world parallel to the real world, where anything you can imagine is possible. It sounds crazy, but if you really stop the think about it, it’s almost inevitable. The continuous evolution of technology all but guarantees that our reality will become increasingly connected and immersive in the coming years.


For the typical person, VR devices will become an important part of every day. Gamers are among the first to embrace this new change, but businesses are rapidly adopting VR technology for various reasons. It won’t be long before VR becomes an everyday part of many people’s lives. For some, it already is. 

During the global pandemic, the value of VR technology for remote work became ever more apparent. Virtual collaboration environments have become invaluable tools for companies with spread apart workforces. Virtual environments transcend borders, enabling global teams to work together more effectively. And BSD is one of the pioneers of this type of work environment. Immediately following the outbreak, BSD transitioned to remote work. We use a Mozilla Hubs VR or AltspaceVR environment to meet with our teammates every day. 

Metaverse technologies like VR and AR are poised to revolutionize the many aspects of our reality, and if your business isn’t prepared, you’ll get left behind. With years of experience in XR, BSD is uniquely positioned to help you make informed choices about integrating VR and AR into your workflow. 


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