BSD Works With RRC Game Dev Program

By BSD Staff

In the spring of 2022 Bit Space Development (BSD) worked with the new Game Development program and RRC Polytechnic with their first cohort of students to create a project to not only give the artists and developers a real-world experience as part of a studio team but also an opportunity for our team to work on some experimental XR ideas and proof of concept a whole new workflow for our games.

The Game Experience

During this placement, we focused on the creation of a brand new demo workflow which revisits how we learn in an XR experience. We departed from the traditional loop from manual, to ppe, to too, to action and created something more open ended. In this experience we set a few priorities:

  • Start the user in a tutorial space to learn movement and get used to the XR headset
  • Move the user to a getting ready scene to grab PPE and get ready for work
  • Put the user into an open space where all tools, dangers, and

The open-ended aspect of the training allows us to focus more on tool interactions and the consequences of not learning from the in-game learning materials. This is supplemented by instructions and educational content inside the level which the user can choose to ignore and potentially suffer the consequences.

The Student Experience

I was anxious about starting the internship, considering I had little to no experience with VR and other game engines besides Unreal Engine. At the time, I used to ponder whether I would meet the company’s expectations as a game developer. Bit Space Development has helped me build up confidence in my ability to make games and has taught me many technical and transferable skills through the Experience.

For Project Rocketship, we were given the central concept and idea of the client while being given the creative freedom to construct our plans, goals and setting for the game. We were also given the freedom to choose whether to use Unreal Engine or Unity for the entirety of the project. At the time, my fellow dev and I were not accustomed to using Unity, so we were hesitant to switch to a different game engine. After several discussions, we were determined to use and learn Unity to broaden our experience and better understand how the two game engines Work.

Our client, project managers and senior developers supported and encouraged our decision. In times of need, they would provide a concise explanation on how to make things work and how to get unstuck on a problem, be it for debugging a bug in the code or fixing merge conflicts in our source control. We were also given a lot of feedback on our work during our team meetings, which helped us know which parts to improve and refine. Jameel, our project manager, has provided me with advice about project management, one of the careers I would like to pursue aside from being a game developer. Through his guidance, I became more aware of the responsibilities and tasks as a project manager. Having someone to teach and guide you through the steps is extremely helpful and makes you more interested in learning about it.

It was a pleasure to work with people who share the same passion for making games as I do and seeing everyone’s work makes me more inspired to work harder. Over three months, I have developed friendships with my team and colleagues, strengthened my problem-solving skills and critical thinking and developed a game prototype using Unity. I could definitely say that my experience with Bit Space Development allowed me to grow personally and as an aspiring game developer.

– Gabrielle Marie Rivera, RRC student and developer on this project

Where to from here?

The demo application is ready to iterate, our internal team, and potentially these students when they finish the program will continue the development of this workflow. The interactions and what we learned will help us drive future development and everything that was created is useful for us, overall the entire experience was a huge success for BSD and our students!

We’re always focused on innovation when it comes to creating more robust workflows an experiences in XR, our dedication to this research is what helps us maintain our status as a leader in this space!

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