What is 360-degree video?

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By Daniel Blair

360-degree video is an engaging and immersive type of video content which has gained popularity in recent years with the likes of Facebook and Youtube. It allows the viewer to move the camera around, giving them control of what they see.

The Latest Trends

Since then, 360-degree video has come a long way. The idea of being able to watch a sequence and click anywhere, at any time, to change perspective, was popularized in computer games and became even more popular with the invention of Virtual Reality headsets like Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard. These innovations gave users access to a more compelling experience. 

The 360 video camera technology was picked up by Google StreetView and started to be used in industries like security, whilst UK film studios began to investigate the potential of live 360-degree film for events.

The big breakthrough came in March 2015, when a YouTube 360-degree video platform was launched. With Facebook 360-degree video facilities appearing later that year, the potential of the system for advertising became clear. 

You can now use video production services like ours to create your own 360-degree video Facebook or YouTube experience, which studies show viewers will watch for 44% longer than traditional web video. If you put it on your website, you could increase click to purchase rates by as much as 14 times.

Potential Uses For Marketing

Live Event Filming:

If you’re holding a corporate or public event, why not give those who couldn’t be there a chance to watch it virtually – live or otherwise. Take festivals for example, filming this live event not only gives you some quality content to attract your audience with; but also an opportunity to re-purpose this footage into promotional material to endorse future events. Show your audience what you offer in an extraordinary way.

Interactive Video Tours:

Whether you’ve opened up a new store or you want to draw attention to yourself at trade shows, 360 degree video is a great way to show people where you are and what you have to offer.

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