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Bit Space Development Ltd.

Bit Space Development Ltd. is a Winnipeg born and raised interactive digital media studio. Our focus is to build the best, most innovative and creative interactive learning experiences we possibly can. Bit Space has been working with organizations from all over the world who have a common goal, to make their vision more accessible. This can sometimes be in the form of virtual reality or augmented reality but sometimes in the form of mobile games for the classroom. Bit Space works directly with educators and designers to make sure that your content is being properly delivered.

BSD is a proud Manitoban company who loves working with organizations based in Canada but we are also a culturally diverse company with roots all over the world. We love working with people who have big ideas and it doesn’t matter where you are.

“Bit Space Development Ltd.  – About Us”
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We are driven to develop the most interactive and effective experiences possible using innovative technologies like virtual and augmented reality. We support our clients throughout the process of development taking it from idea to implementation all while learning and growing with our partners along the way.


We firmly believe that a thriving community is the only way that we can succeed as an organization. We implement this through working closely with organizations like North Forge to create the Advanced ICT Lab and early on with our work alongside Red River College to help develop the ACE Project Space.

What people say?

Bit Space Development has demonstrated a commitment to develop a training product relative to the material it is presented with. They have gone above and beyond to have the program place the student in the work environment without actually placing him or her in a potentially dangerous situation. This level of dedication leads to a very realistic experience for the student and ultimately giving them the confidence and training they need to make an informed decision.
Craig Beauchamp
Training Coordinator
International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Local 555
Bitspace the entire team has been great with us working on our first VR project. They were able to lead us through the process while still incorporating our vision and ideas. They were there for support the entire way and we were very pleased with the added value their ideas brought to the project. We would definitely look to work with them again. ​
Varinder Brar
Client Services Manager
Change Makers
Our first foray into the world of mobile app development was in partnership with Bit Space Development Ltd. Our biggest concern was ensuring we got a quality, world-class app that was affordable and met our goals in a reasonable period of time. Bit Space exceeded all of our expectations and has created apps for the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre that lead the industry. We could not be happier
Peter Cantelon
Executive Director
Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre
"I have worked closely with Daniel Blair and his team at BIT Space for two years. They have assisted with the development of training materials and games based on construction subject matter experts’ advice and input. The team has been very professional and always ensuring that what they have developed is the correct content and what we are looking for. They have offered advice on how to make the content better and more engaging. I have also worked with Daniel on some personal projects for a sports association I belong to. He has taken the perspective of the sport to a new level for us. We are looking forward to working with him in the future.

In all instances that BIT Space has been involved in the development of training pictures or videos, the quality and expertise that they bring makes the process very smooth and somewhat interruptive during normal work scheduling. This new perspective of pano-pictures in the construction training modules will be opening the eyes to new workers as to what a jobsite will actually look like. BIT Space has been able to add text boxes and the like to certain identified areas to assist with the training in identifying hazards, signage, processes, etc. "
Matt Lothian
Safety Advisor
Construction Safety Association of Manitoba

Reforging Reality - Daniel Blair - TEDxWinnipeg

Reforging Reality - Daniel Blair - TEDxWinnipeg