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We've been putting technology to work for over half a decade

Bit Space Development Ltd. is an interactive digital media studio that specializes in creating innovative learning experiences for the classroom and workplace. We work with educators and industry professionals from around the world to develop effective solutions for education and training using cutting edge digital media technologies.

Our Values

BSD firmly believes in supporting the community to grow the IDM industry in Manitoba. We work closely with organizations that provide resources for entrepreneurs in this space, including fostering a partnership with North Forge to create the Advanced ICT Lab and Red River College to develop the ACE Project Space. We also regularly share our work with kids to help inspire the next generation of IDM innovators.

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Our Mission

BSD is driven to create the most compelling interactive learning experiences possible using the latest and greatest interactive digital media technology available today. We’re always learning and pushing our boundaries to ensure we stay ahead of the curve. 

We keep our fingers on the pulse of this rapidly changing industry

BSD is a veteran in the VR and AR development industry. Our company is in its sixth year of operations, which makes us an old dog in this industry. VR and AR are immerging technologies that many companies say they specialize in. Bit Space Development has been doing it successfully for more than half a decade and we’ve seen many of our competitors come and go. Our track record speaks for itself, and we can confidently say that we’re here for the long haul!

Our team of skilled developers and digital artists have decades of experience building digital experiences, with over 30 years of XR development knowledge accumulated between all of us. We know what’s possible today, what will be possible tomorrow, and where this technology will take us in the future. 

A Love Of Tech

Bit Space Development stays on top of the latest trends because the people that work here are passionate about new technology. We’re always keeping our eyes on the latest technology trends and we’re quick to adopt new devices and platforms. 

We’ve always got our finger on the pulse of what’s coming around the corner so that we can offer the latest and greatest solutions to your problems.

Passion For Learning

When you’re working in the world of cutting edge technology, you always need to be adapting to new innovations. If you’re not constantly learning, you’re falling behind. 

As part of our commitment to higher learning, Bit Space Development works closely with local educational institutions and we regularly work with student interns to help them achieve their academic goals.

Constantly Evolving

Bit Space Development is always evolving to stay at the forefront of technology. We’re not an AR/VR company, we’re an innovation company, which means we’re never stagnant. 

Today there is much innovation happening in the XR learning industry, which is why we have our toes deep in this water. But we’re no stranger to other technologies, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things (IoT). 

Our Ability to rapidly adapt is what keeps us ahead of the curve

We're Adaptable

If the global pandemic has taught us anything its that we can adapt quickly to tackle any challenge. While many of our peers in the enterprise XR space have struggled to stay afloat, Bit Space quickly adopted a remote workforce model and continued to push forward with business as usual. 

We’ve since used our experience to help guide many of our clients through this tumultuous time and continue to do so. Our training experiences help skill-up employees rapidly and with better information retention than traditional methods. Our work has benefited companies in the construction trades, manufacturing, travel, film, and education industries. 

Setting an example for modern workplaces

Remote Workforce

Here at BSD, we have been promoting the use of immersive technology for remote collaboration for years. The Covid-19 pandemic gave use the opportunity to put our money where our mouth is and demonstrate that this technology works. 


The BSD team has been working remotely since March 2020, using a virtual meeting room to collaborate and gather for our daily standup  meeting. 


Immersive technology enabled us to continue working as a team despite working from our individual homes. 

A Diverse Workplace

Inclusivity is one of BSD’s core values. Since day one, we’ve always tried to make Bit Space Development a great working environment for everyone. 

We have a diverse team with a people from many different backgrounds. The team comprises a mixture of Manitoba-born and international immigrants. We believe that we’re better equipped to tackle our client’s challenges when we have a wider range of perspectives on the team. 

BSD also proudly supports social initiatives that promote inclusivity of all. 

We have the best partners

Technology Partners

We have technology partners from all around the XR industry. BSD is an authorized reseller of HTC hardware, an authorized Pico Technology development partner, an Oculus ISV developer, a member of Microsoft’s Partner Network, and an authorized Amazon Web Services partner. We also have relationships with a variety of companies that sell XR accessories for enterprise uses.

Industry Partners

Since the beginning of Bit Space Development, we’ve worked with industry sector councils and trades unions to help introduce the benefits of XR technology to entire industries, not just individual companies. 

We’ve done extensive work with the Manitoba Construction Sector Council, we’re the official technology partner for Manitoba Building Trades, and we’ve worked with the IBEW union and the NETCO trade council for many years. Tradespeople in Manitoba know BSD as a trusted and valuable partner within Manitoba’s construction industry.

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Communities Economic Development Fund

Bit Space Development is an award winning developer in the AR/VR industry. Our clients love our work, and as a result we’ve received flattering recognition from multiple industry reviewers. recognized BSD as a Top AR/VR Developer in 2019, 2020, and 2021, and a Global 1000 B2B service provider in 2020 and 2021. 

TopDevelopers also awarded BSD with its Top  Virtual Reality App Developers accolade.

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