Bit Space Development Ltd.

Bit Space Development Ltd. is an interactive digital media studio that specializes in creating innovative learning experiences for the classroom and workplace. We work with educators and industry professionals from around the world to develop effective solutions for education and training using cutting edge digital media technologies.

Our Values

BSD firmly believes in supporting the community to grow the IDM industry in Manitoba. We work closely with organizations that provide resources for entrepreneurs in this space, including fostering a partnership with North Forge to create the Advanced ICT Lab and Red River College to develop the ACE Project Space. We also regularly share our work with kids to help inspire the next generation of IDM innovators.

trying on the trades in Norway House
lunch and learn presentation


BSD is driven to create the most compelling interactive learning experiences possible using the latest and greatest interactive digital media technology available today. We’re always learning and pushing our boundaries to ensure we stay ahead of the curve. 

Who We Are

BSD takes pride in our culturally diverse workforce. We may be a small team, but our roots span the globe.​​

Dann Blair headshot

Dan Blair

CEO / Founder

Erin Blair round

Erin Blair

Finance Manager / Human Resources

Gabriel Lascano round

Gabriel Lascano

Chief Technology Officer

Ron Perez round

Ron Perez

Sales Manager

Kevin Carbotte round

Kevin Carbotte

Marketing Director

Alex Apperly round

Alex Apperly

Unity Developer

Diego Beltran round

Diego Beltran

Web Developer

Violet Laudinksy

Violet Laudinsky

Web Developer

Jennifer Chau headshot

Jennifer Chau

2D / 3D Artist