Bit Space Development Ltd.

Bit Space Development Ltd. is a Winnipeg born and raised interactive digital media studio. Our focus is on building the best, most innovative, and most creative interactive learning experiences we possibly can. Bit Space has been working with organizations from all over who have a common goal, make their vision more accessible. This can sometimes be in the form of virtual reality or augmented reality but sometimes in the form of mobile games for the classroom. Bit Space works directly with educators and designers to make sure that your content is being properly served. Sometimes we even take the training we are teaching.

BSD is a proud Manitoban company and we love working with organizations based in Canada but we are also a culturally diverse company with roots all over the world. We love working with people who have big ideas and it doesn’t matter where you are.


Bit Space Development is driven to build services that will make a difference, not just another tool to make money. We value collaboration over competition. We value open source over proprietary. We are not driven by profit and we above all else embrace innovation over tradition.

Our mission is to develop the best learning experiences to help people learn in effective ways. We are developing solutions to bring education to the people who need it most and we are building the tools to make this easier.


We are made up of community leaders. Bit Space Development helps manage and organize multiple local developer meetup groups including the Winnipeg Android user group. The community is important and we are working to bring the developer communities together to help build innovation and collaboration. We give 1% of our product and time back to the community.


We are committed to providing work experience for students in the field. We are currently working with International students to help build experiences that they can take with them back to their home countries.

Bit Space Development is committed to developing a meaningful and constructive environment for our students. We work in an agile environment to help students develop real technical and people skills that they will be able to use with us or another employer in the future.

Reforging Reality

Bit Space Development was founded by Daniel Blair in Winnipeg Manitoba. Reforging Reality was a TEDx Winnipeg talk given in 2016 about his vision for the future of VR, where we came from, and what the medium can do. This video represents our core fundamental believes about interactive technology, and why we do what we do.

Reforging Reality