Oculus Quest is an Invaluable Business Tool in 2020

Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest is an Invaluable Business Tool Oculus just released the Quest standalone VR headset, and in doing so, it forever altered the state of the VR industry. You’re about to see these devices everywhere!  By Kevin Carbotte Oculus just released the Quest standalone VR headset, and in doing so, it forever altered the state of […]

Trying on The Trades in Northern Manitoba

Try on the Trades in the North

Trying on the Trades in Northern Manitoba Bit Space Development and the Manitoba Construction Sector Council recently traveled to northern Manitoba to promote work in the trades and the immersive technology used for training in that industry. By Kevin Carbotte In the second week of April, part of the Bit Space Development team took a […]

Friends And Other Magic App

Friends and Other Magic

‘Friends and Other Magic’ By Kevin Carbotte ‘Friends and Other Magic’ is an interactive app by Bit Space Development Ltd., Zenfri Inc. and Considering Love and Other Magic Manitoba to connect audiences to the feature film “Considering Love and Other Magic”. Learn more about the film “Considering Love and Other Magic” Game Content You get a desperate text from Bridget. […]

Kohler View AR Product Previews

Kohler View AR application

By BSD Marketing In the last two years, we have seen a booming era of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality widely applied in various industries. More and more companies are adding “AR as a Feature” to enhance shopping experience for customers. This year, Kohler Canada dipped its toes into Augmented Reality with “Kohler View”, enabling […]

On-site Displays System

Onsite Display System

On-site Display Systems By Kevin Carbotte The Bruce D Campbell Farm & Food Discovery Centre or “Museum” in short initiated and installed on-site displays where visitors could access, search and learn about the history and general information of the exhibits. However, these apps were not flexible for any edit after being built and installed. This […]

Trades Town Educational Game

Trades Town game

Trades Town An Educational Game About Trades By BSD Marketing Manitoba Construction Sector Council (MCSC) aims to promote and coordinate the development of a diverse, inclusive, well-educated workforce in support of careers of choice in a dynamic and evolving construction industry. This year, MCSC team wishes to create a fun-to-learn experience for kids and younger student […]

Roadbuilders Safety Training Updates

Roadbuilders Safety Training Updates Bit Space Development Ltd. Roadbuilders Safety Training

New Features on Roadbuilders Safety Training By BSD Marketing The Roadbuilders Safety Training (RSTS) is a 16-module training course for Roadbuilders to learn and get more practice on safety training at the work site. The training app is powered in Virtual Reality that requires a VR Headset and a controller. Naratives RSTS gameplay has been […]

VRSafety – The New Way To Learn

vr safety title card

VR Safety App By BSD Marketing With the current astonishing facts and figures about serious safety issues in construction industry, Bit Space Development came up with an app idea that leverages Virtual Reality in safety training. With Virtual Reality, the training experience is immersive but very hands-on as the content is taken from the real job site, […]

Cinémental 25 – AR App for Festivals

Cinémental 25 - AR App for Festivals Bit Space Development Ltd. Cinémental

Cinémental 25 – AR App for Festivals By Dan Blair An AR App For Festivals For the 25th year of the local festival Cinémental the organizers wanted to do something special. The festival has been an important part of both the french and film communities in Winnipeg for the last 25 years so it deserved […]