5 Years of BSD – How Far We’ve Come

5 Years of BSD - How Far We've Come Bit Space Development Ltd. 5 years of bsd

Five Years of BSD By Daniel Blair Bit Space Development was founded five years ago. That is not something a lot of startup tech companies can say, and we’re humbled that we’ve made it this far. To even think about that is mind-boggling for us.  Five years is a long time, especially when you’re working […]

Bit Space Development Recognized as a Global Leader by Clutch

Clutch top b2b

BSD Recognized as a Global Leader by Clutch Our team ranked as one of the top AR/VR Developers in the world in 2019. By Kevin Carbotte Bit Space Development is proud to announce that Clutch.co, a leading B2B ratings and reviews firm, listed our company as a 2019 Global Leader. Our team ranked as one […]

BSD named top AR & VR company by Clutch

Clutch rankings

With the market for virtual & augmented reality growing every year, it’s time to think about how AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) can benefit your business. With experience in augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence, we have the tools necessary to transform your business. Our approaches have been used in education, marketing, training, and more.

Cineguide On The Road

Cineguide On The Road Bit Space Development Ltd. Cineguide

By Kevin Carbotte How can you take the audience into your experience while taking them to locations around their community where films were created? Cineguide is a location-based augmented reality platform for learning about films and collecting pieces of the story. Content creators can place content on the map and provide users with pins that contain content […]

Oculus Quest is an Invaluable Business Tool in 2020

Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest is an Invaluable Business Tool Oculus just released the Quest standalone VR headset, and in doing so, it forever altered the state of the VR industry. You’re about to see these devices everywhere!  By Kevin Carbotte Oculus just released the Quest standalone VR headset, and in doing so, it forever altered the state of […]

Trying on The Trades in Northern Manitoba

Try on the Trades in the North

Trying on the Trades in Northern Manitoba Bit Space Development and the Manitoba Construction Sector Council recently traveled to northern Manitoba to promote work in the trades and the immersive technology used for training in that industry. By Kevin Carbotte In the second week of April, part of the Bit Space Development team took a […]

Bit Space Equipment: Pico Goblin

Bit Space Equipment: Pico Goblin Bit Space Development Ltd. Pico Goblin

Bit Space Equipment: Pico Goblin By Kevin Carbotte At Bit Space Development, we are always experimenting with new technology, and we’ve had the opportunity to play with many new devices. But just because we try a piece of tech doesn’t mean that we’ll use it in production. Some devices stand out as superior, and we […]

It’s Conference Season!

360-degree conference photo

We’re just five weeks into 2019, and we already have three events complete. However, we’re just getting started with our promotional schedule for the year. Stay tuned for more details about where we’ll be and what we’ve seen. This should be an exciting year at Bit Space Development!

VR Sims More Engaging Than Traditional Training

woman in vr

Virtual Reality technology is changing how the construction industry prepares its workers for the job site. VR offers safer alternatives to on-the-job training, which leads to fewer on-the-job accidents and more efficient workers.

Kohler View AR Product Previews

Kohler View AR application

By BSD Marketing In the last two years, we have seen a booming era of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality widely applied in various industries. More and more companies are adding “AR as a Feature” to enhance shopping experience for customers. This year, Kohler Canada dipped its toes into Augmented Reality with “Kohler View”, enabling […]