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woman in vr
Immersive technology

VR Sims More Engaging Than Traditional Training

Virtual Reality technology is changing how the construction industry prepares its workers for the job site. VR offers safer alternatives to on-the-job training, which leads to fewer on-the-job accidents and more efficient workers.

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Friends and Other Magic
Mobile app

Friends And Other Magic App

‘Friends and Other Magic’ By Kevin Carbotte ‘Friends and Other Magic’ is an interactive app by Bit Space Development Ltd., Zenfri Inc. and Considering Love and Other Magic Manitoba to

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Onsite Display System
Interactive Displays

On-site Displays System

On-site Display Systems By Kevin Carbotte The Bruce D Campbell Farm & Food Discovery Centre or “Museum” in short initiated and installed on-site displays where

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Trades Town game
Board game

Trades Town Educational Game

Trades Town An Educational Game About Trades By BSD Marketing Manitoba Construction Sector Council (MCSC) aims to promote and coordinate the development of a diverse, inclusive,

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