Changing Winnipeg

Our city's History

learn about Winnipeg's Unique history

Winnipeg, Manitoba was founded in 1873 and a lot has changed in its nearly 150-year history. Changing Winnipeg highlights the growth of the Manitoba’s capital city from a settler town to the thriving city that it has become. 


Winnipeg is home to many historical landmarks, such as the Fort Gary Hotel, the Hudson’s Bay Company store, and the Golden Boy atop the Manitoba Legislative building.

The Changing Winnipeg interactive experience at the Manitoba Museum highlights the notable locations in our city and when they were first erected.  


historical Landmarks


rural becomes urban

Winnipeg started off as a small settlement that grew into a cluster of small towns and municipalities. Throughout the decades, as the city center grew, many of the neighboring towns were absorbed by, and became part of the city. Witness the stages of growth that transformed Winnipeg into the sprawling city that it is today.


Local Entertainment has evolved

Winnipeg has always been home to many recreational establishments, but things have changed tremendously throughout our 150 year history. In the early days, the hotels and shops near Main St. were the places to be. These days, we’ve got world class venues for events, such as the downtown MTS Center arena and the RBC Convention Center where we host the worlds biggest stars and some of the countries most exciting business events.


Ferries, trolleys & Buses

Winnipeg’s transportation needs have evolved along with the city itself. Early settlers relied on riverboat ferries to travel throughout the city; In the early 1900’s electric trolleys littered the streets; and today, thousands of commuters rely on public transit bus routes to get from point A to point B. 





flooding, Snow Storms, fires & disease

Winnipeg’s history is littered with tragedy: Devastating floods, unruly temperatures, deep snow, pandemic diseases and massive fires have all played a roll in shaping Winnipeg’s history. Find out just how damaging these disasters were to the inhabitants of this city.

Changing Winnipeg was a colaborative effort by multiple local companies. We worked with our friends at Zenfri Inc. and the Manitoba Museum to pull this project together.

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