The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre Needs Your Help!

There are 12 newly discovered dig sites located within the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre in Morden, Manitoba that you can explore with the Fossil Discovery Adventure app. We need your help in finding these dig sites to excavate and collect fossils. Put the skeleton back together to unlock special scan technology to see “Bruce”, our Guinness World Record holding Mosasaur in true-to-life scale, right before your eyes. This Augmented Reality (AR) feature will put you in the room with life-sized “Bruce” as they swim and move with amazing detail.

Fossil Discovery Adventure

Experience Prehistory before your eyes!

Bring 80 million year old Bruce Mosasaur to life with a unique, new FREE augmented reality adventure for your mobile device based on the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre’s world famous collection.

Virtual Excavation!

Collect Dig Tools! Test Your Palaeo Knowledge! Excavate 3D Fossils! Unlock a Life-Sized 3D Mosasaur (and bring it home)!

Fossil Discovery Adventure

3D Scanned Fossil!

This is a 3D scanned jaw! 

You can zoom in, rotate and investigate in detail! 

Feel free and play with it.

Bring BRUCE home or with you wherever you go!

Our Augmented Reality scan technology can be used with the poster and/or t-shirt, purchased only at the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre.

Calling all Budding Palaeontologists!

Discover the mysteries of the most fearsome and deadly “dinosaurs of the deep” — the Mosasaur!

Download the Fossil Discovery Adventure today!

Note: You must be at the Fossil Discovery Center for the app to function

Built in collaboration with ZenFri Inc.

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