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How Fashion Brands Adopting Augmented and Virtual Reality

Fashion brands have already used augmented and virtual reality to bring the catwalk to life and enable people to watch it outside the immediate venue.


Marketing is always evolving in all industries, and fashion is not an exception. Big players like Dior, Topshop and Balenciaga are already adopting Augmented and Virtual Reality technology for their marketing activities.


At Topshop’s flagship store in Oxford Circus, fortunate customers were given Virtual Reality headsets to witness the AW14 catwalk show. Broadcasting the runway show in 360 degree virtual reality allowed for the first row access next to celebrities like Kate Moss, Anna Wintour.



Other well-known fashion brands are racing to get involved in VR as well. For example, Dior created its own VR headset and Balenciaga streamed its catwalk show in VR. As these brands start utilizing VR, it won’t be long until others do as well; that is, if they wish to not fall behind. Learn more at LVMH website.

Augmented and Virtual Reality could be used to solve one of fashion eCommerce’s biggest problems: how to show the consumer what the clothing will look like on them.


Gap is really excited to unveil a new pilot app called the DressingRoom by Gap. The app was created to help customers virtually “try on” clothing through a smartphone, Augmented Reality experience. This is how it works – shoppers choose a Gap style that they might be interested in purchasing. Next, they select one of five body types featured in the app so they can “try on” the piece of clothing from anywhere on a Google Tango-enabled device, and if they love it, they can buy it online.



Zara is changing how customers shop through Augmented Reality. Zara aims to engage its consumers in an entirely new way. After downloading the Zara AR app (from either iTunes or Google Play), customers can point their phones at the aforementioned shop window, as well as “via in-store podiums, on boxes they receive delivering online purchases and via dedicated images at,” and models Léa Julian and Fran Summers are brought to life for seven- to 12-second sequences.

Erick Tran
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