IBEW Virtual Reality Safety

Identification and Analysis of Safety Hazards on the Virtual Construction Site

An Immersive Training Solution for New Construction Electricians

High retention rates

People retain as much as 20 percent more information when they learned in VR compared to textbook-based lessons.

hands-on learning

Experience hazards in a simulated environment so that you're ready for the real hazards on the job.

Safer workers

The safest worker is the one who remembers their training. Learning in VR gives you a better chance of remembering critical information when you need it most.

Featured Modules

Slips, trips & falls are among the most common incidents on the job site. Learn how to stay safe by avoiding these hazards. 

Struck by, caught between

Learn how to spot the dangers to avoid getting struck by falling objects or moving machinery. 

Explosions & asphyxiation

Working with electricity comes with significant risk of explosion. Learn how to spot dangerous situations before its too late, and learn how to respond in case something happens. 


Ergonomics may not be the first thing to come to mind when you consider workplace hazards. However, improper use of tools can lead to long-term injuries that prevent you from continuing work. Learn safe equipment handling procedures as well as how to sit and stand to prevent back injuries.


Electricians must exercise extreme caution because their job poses serious risk of electrocution. Learn what to avoid to limit your chances of electrocution and learn what to do if you or a colleague touch a live wire.

What Our Custumers say

​“The challenge in our pre-apprenticeship program is that while we are tasked with preparing trainees for work, we cannot just bring them to a real job site. With IBEW Virtual Reality (VR) Safety, trainees put on VR headsets and become aware of the dangers without being in harm’s way.” 

Carol MacLeod
Executive Director of the National Electrical Trade Council

Free for IBEW Members

The National Electrical Trade Council (NETCO) is the Canadian distributor for the IBEW VR Safety modules. The software is available for free to all members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

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