Business VR Headset Buyer’s Guide

Business VR Headset Buyer’s Guide Bit Space Development Ltd. business vr

Business VR Buyer’s Guide Choosing the right hardware doesn’t need to be difficult By Kevin Carbotte The landscape of available VR hardware can be confusing. There are many different headsets available, but not all VR devices are created equal. It can be easy to get confused when buying a VR device, especially with the wide […]

Oculus Quest is an Invaluable Business Tool in 2020

Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest is an Invaluable Business Tool Oculus just released the Quest standalone VR headset, and in doing so, it forever altered the state of the VR industry. You’re about to see these devices everywhere!  By Kevin Carbotte Oculus just released the Quest standalone VR headset, and in doing so, it forever altered the state of […]

Trying on The Trades in Northern Manitoba

Try on the Trades in the North

Trying on the Trades in Northern Manitoba Bit Space Development and the Manitoba Construction Sector Council recently traveled to northern Manitoba to promote work in the trades and the immersive technology used for training in that industry. By Kevin Carbotte In the second week of April, part of the Bit Space Development team took a […]

Say Hello to HoloLens 2

Hololens 2 4:3

Say Hello to HoloLens 2 Here at Bit Space Development, we work with all sorts of new technologies all the time, but few devices have us as excited as Microsoft’s upcoming HoloLens 2 headset. When this device ships, it will forever change how people get big projects done. By Kevin Carbotte Here at Bit Space […]

Winnipeg VR – Explore The City Immersively

Winnipeg VR - Explore The City Immersively Bit Space Development Ltd. Winnipeg VR

Winnipeg VR Explore The City Virtually By BSD Marketing Over the past several months we have been working on a 360-degree video experience with the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce called Winnipeg VR. This experience takes you to multiple different businesses including some well known, and some new businesses that show our diverse business ecosystem here in the prairies […]

VRSafety – The New Way To Learn

vr safety title card

VR Safety App By BSD Marketing With the current astonishing facts and figures about serious safety issues in construction industry, Bit Space Development came up with an app idea that leverages Virtual Reality in safety training. With Virtual Reality, the training experience is immersive but very hands-on as the content is taken from the real job site, […]

Photogrammetry – The Real Virtal World

bit space photogrammetry experiment

Photogrammetry – The Real Virtual World By Dan Blair Photogrammetry is a very interesting science, it is something that is still growing but it is a technology that is going to revolutionize virtual reality. Imagine taking photos of a room and turning them into a 3D model that can be imported into Unity to walk around […]

Reforging Reality – Virtual Reality

Dan Blair at TEDx

Reforging Reality – TEDxWinnipeg 2016 By Dan Blair Reforging Reality On June 2nd, 2016, exactly 1 month before my wedding I gave my first ever TEDx talk. The event was TEDx Winnipeg 2016 and it was awesome. When I was selected to speak I thought to myself “shit”, I am not always the best public […]