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In-House Funding

Georgian College self-funded the Language in the Home experience. It did not rely on grant fundering. 

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Technology Used

Bit Space Development used the Unity3D engine to create the interactive elements in Language in the Home. 
The experience was developed for the Engage XR platform, which is a third-party subscription-based social VR solution.
Georgian College chose the Oculus Quest as the platform of choice for this project.

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This project forced us to fine-tune our ability to optimize performance so we could push as much quality as possible into ENGAGE and the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 mobile VR headsets.

We also had to think about how people learn a language and design a home that allowed for a classroom to explore.

we share our world with many creatures

creatures in the environment

As the world shifts more and more to a work-from-home future, businesses will need new solutions to bring teammates together. 

A customer VR environment is a great way to bring colleagues together. 

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