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An Immersive Hazard Awareness Experience for Youth

You've never experienced safety like this.

Taking Workplace Safety to New Levels

LevelUp brings you to a world where workplace hazards are all around and it’s your job to fix them. The virtual experience helps you see how quickly a small thing like an overstocked cupboard, can result in an injury. 

Can you make these job sites safe? Watch the video to see where your own skills rank.

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Building On Past Success

Level Up VR 2 is a follow-up to 2018’s popular Level UP VR experience, which helps teach kids about workplace safety. The game is meant to instill a culture of hazard awareness in today’s youth as they prepare to enter the workforce. The first version of the game won the Innovator award at the 2018 Summit Marketing Effectiveness Awards ceremony.

Level Up 2 builds on the success of the first edition by implementing more learning scenarios and leveraging the latest in VR hardware technology–Oculus Quest.

The Level Up VR initiative was created by Bit Space Development and Changemakers Safe Work Manitoba and is distributed and demonstrated by Safe Workers of Tomorrow.


Making our community safer by encouraging young people to pay attention to their surroundings.


Improve workplace safety by reinforcing hazard awareness skills at a young age.

Immersive Learning

LevelUp 2 leverages the power of Virtual Reality to create an immersive experience. Studies show that people retain more information from immersive training that other learning methods.

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Level Up 2 for Oculus Quest is a follow-up to the award winning Level UP VR experience for PC VR systems.

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