Mining VR

Career Exploration Experience for Youth

This experience allows school-age kids to learn about working in a mine. It gives students a first-hand look at mining work without putting them in any danger. 
It allows kids to explore their curiosity and spark their imagination about a possible career in mining.

VR simulations make training far more engaging!

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Community Economic Development Fund (CEDF)

The development of Mining VR was paid for with a grant form the Community Economic Development Fund. 

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Technology Used

Mining VR is a mobile VR experience that works on the Pico Neo 2 and Neo 3 headsets. 
Both the VRSafety and PPE training portions of the Mining VR Experience run on these headsets. 
The VRSafety platform also support web browser access. 

Mining VR is built in Unity 3D and utilizes the Open XR development standards. 

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This project forced us to learn a lot more about the features and limitations of Pico headsets, working with open XR, and supporting multiple headsets . We also had to focus on mobile XR optimization, and creating spacious scenes in a limited play space.
The biggest thing we learned, though, was we created a really unique workflow to go from 360 photos as reference for our art team using VRSafety to produce the reference materials for creating the 3D scenes. We reconstructed the mine and the PPE room in VR using VR.

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