Moral Bar

An experimental research project that Bit Space conducted alongside the University of Manitoba. The project explores the use of interactive narratives in VR experiences. 

This project also demonstrates how we can use virtual reality to evaluate soft skills.

Barkeep! Get me another drink!

A bar patron just informed you that he’s a wanted man. Do you poor him another drink, or should you call the police? The choice is yours!

Moral Bar
moral Bar

Choose-your-Own-Adventure Brought to VR

Choices Matter

The choices you make in Moral Bar have an effect on how the game plays out. Will you harbor a criminal, or turn him in to the authorities?

Interactive Narrative

Moral Bar was built with the Twine interactive narrative tool, which supports multiple choice interactions that affect the outcome of the game.

Test Your Moral Compass

There are no right or wrong choices in Moral Bar, but you can make an immoral choice. Will you side with a monster, or demonize him like the media?

Build in collaboration with ZenFri Inc.

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