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Press Coverage



  • The Winnipeg Free Press

    Those who attended the East Chapter meeting of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce on Jan. 26 got a virtual and literal eye-opening experience.

  • Metro News Winnipeg

    A new made-in-Winnipeg augmented reality (AR) app allows users to peel back the layers of the city’s history. Tied to the 25th anniversary of the Cinémental film festival, the “Cinémental 25” app released Thursday is an engaging, location-based AR scavenger hunt with enough surprising Winnipeg lore that the developers got carried away just making it.

  • The Winnipeg Free Press

    But now there’s also an intriguing yellow "North Forge" sign outside the Adelaide Street building.

  • The Winnipeg Free Press

    Thats why it launched a new program that some believe could become the missing link between the education system and the burgeoning entrepreneurial eco-system in Winnipeg.

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