Virtual Reality Shakes Up Safety Training

Kevin Carbotte round

By Kevin Carbotte

Chris Hooter is an operator in a man basket, pulling a lever to move an aerial lift up — way up — to 100 feet. He is a painter and is positioning to do a job on a high-rise office building. He manipulates the joystick on the platform control panel to move the lift to the right to get it better aligned. His centre of gravity is off for a second and the aerial lift tilts down ever so slightly. He re-adjusts and keeps moving up. The lift bounces a little bit as it gets into place. Finally, he has reached the top and can access his work area.


But Hooter isn’t on a real aerial lift or at a real office building — he is completing all these tasks in virtual reality (VR). He is standing on a mock aerial lift motion platform and is wearing a virtual reality visor, which work together to make his task seem extremely realistic.

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