Our Projects

VR Projects

LevelUp VR

Level Up VR

A VR-based project that raises awareness of safety and helps kids learn about hazard identification in various scenarios. This is a co-work project between Change Makers, Bit Space and our local partner Zenfri.

Construction Safety Simulator

Construction Safety Simulator

We have built an interactive solution for businesses to do safety training in room scale VR using the real job objects. We aim to making it ultra immersive and achievable, while engaging users real life scenarios.

Flagger VR

Using VR technology and a tracked monopod we are able to simulate the feeling of grasping objects in real life. This can further enhance the practice of the flag person training program.

IBEW VR Safety

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 2085, Manitoba Construction Sector Council and Bit Space developed a series of VR resources for youth and new entrants in construction.

RoadBuilders Safety Training

RoadBuilders Safety Training

An eLearning course developed in association with MHCA to train learners on Roadbuilders Safety Training System in an immersive environment with 360 photos and videos.

Confined Space

A project between MCSC, MHBA and Bit Space to provide the proper identification for confined space work and what precautions to follow therefore proactively aiding in the prevention of incidents.

Winnipeg VR

This Winnipeg VR experience takes you to multiple different businesses including some well-known, and some new businesses that show our diverse business ecosystem here in the prairies.

Virtual Tour - St. John's Ravenscourt

We worked with St. John's Ravenscourt School to create a virtual tour that provides an immersive experience for prospective students to take a virtual walk around the school area before their official visit.

Virtual Tour - Red River College

We helped Red River College build a virtual campus tour that features signature buildings at the Exchange District Campus. We hope to bring an innovative and immersive experience for the prospective students.

AR Projects

Kohler View AR application

Kohler View - Experience In AR

Kohler introduced Kohler View, an AR app that let customers experience Kohler products in augmented reality, adding a little more to customer shopping experience.

Fossil Discovery Adventure

In partnership with Zenfri, we developed a first-of-its-kind AR "Fossil Discovery Adventure” App that allows visitors to Morden’s Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre to have an awesome fossil hunting experience.

Cinémental 25 App

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Cinémental, Manitoba, we created an AR App that features a unique, location-based poster hunting game that tells a story of our festival in Winnipeg.

Interactive Projects

Trades Town

Trades Town is a board game developed by Bit Space and Manitoba Construction Sector Council to educate and promote to kids and young student groups about different careers in trades, mostly in Manitoba. 


Friends and Other Magic is an interactive app designed to connect audiences to the feature film "Considering Love and Other Magic"


This 2D game is a joint project between Bit Space, Manitoba Construction Sector Council and Manitoba Homebuilders Association to raise awareness of the workplace safety and health issues in scaffolding.

PPE Training

This app provides supplementary materials to the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) training course provided by MHCA, CSAM, Trucking Industry Safety with technology provided by BSD.

Fall Protection

Fall Protection focuses on the daily needs of the employee including information about the different types of fall protection, what PPE to use, emergency procedures and how to calculate fall clearances.


We created a web dashboard that can run on onsite displays at Food and Farm Discovery Centre. This has enhanced the staff's efforts in managing, editing and synchronizing content between devices.

Robot Simulator

During their internship at Bit Space, Maples MET students were encouraged and guided to create an interactive experience, which put their knowledge acquired in the programming course into practice.

CSAM - The Safety Conference

The Safety Conference is an annual safety event held by the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba. We came to exhibit our RealPano in safety training, and made a quick virtual tour of the site.

Flagperson Safety Training

A game developed in partnership with Manitoba Construction Sector Council to accompany the flagger safety course, aiming to aid students in learning the skills required to become a flag person.

Experimental Projects

Excavator Driving

Using mobile VR and a wireless gamepad users can experience driving through a job site in heavy machinery. The objective is to avoid obstacles and other machines, successfully driving around the site.

Holo Excavator

Using the Microsoft Hololens we brought a life sized excavator to the classroom. Stand next to a functional excavator as it digs and moves. This application was demonstrated at Web Summit 2016.

Tracked Pylon

Utilizing the Vive tracking technology, we created an experience where users could interact with real objects in the digital world. by emulating the placement of a real world pylon

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