Gerdau Steel VRSafety

Gerdau takes on-the-job safety seriously!
That's why the company uses VRSafety for onboarding and training.

VR safety pilot project

Gerdau Steel

Gerdau approached Bit Space Development to help the company determine how it can best integrate virtual reality technology into its employee training processes. BSD worked with Gerdau to create a 360-degree training pilot project for the steel production plant. 

  • 360-Degree Photos of Hazardous Work SItes
  • Mobile VR Application
  • Hot Spots with additional information -- Images, Video, Text, Audio

Gerdau’s pilot project was a success and the company is happy with how our SafetyVR platform aids in their training efforts. Gerdau decided to move forward with a large scale rollout and it plans to create VRSafety modules for each of the company’s production facilities. 

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