Robot Simulator

A fun way to learn how to code robots, inspired by Lego Mindstorms Virtual Robotics Kit.


A robot is switched on in the middle of a desert wasteland. A desert with cacti and rocks, but no humans. The desert is a very scary place, it is clear that this machine is not designed for such a place. 

Anything in this environment could harm it when touched: cacti, land forms or rocks. Confronting such obstacles provides the robot with two options: avoid or attack. This robot can be programmed to move through the harsh environment. But it can only move forward and turn left or right.

The robot has nothing in its memory about its creator or its purpose. No recollection whatsoever; of why it is created or what it is created for. There is no record of what happened to the land. Where is everybody, and why is the world like this? 

All that is known, is that this machine is programmed to destroy anything in its path and to meet the checkpoints necessary to reach its goal. What is the goal? Who knows. Meeting it could provide answers to everything; about the robot and about what happened to the world.

Robot Simulator was created by student interns from Maples Met in the Seven Oaks school division in WInnipeg, Mb. 

Robot Simulator

The concept of the project is a non virtual reality game for children interested in programming robots. Inspired by the hour of code games and the Lego Mindstorm Simulator: Virtual Robotics Toolkit; the robot simulator is a game that lets users program their robot through a map. The game is meant for people who are just getting into coding.

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Direct Your Virtual Robot

Users command the robot; using buttons listed in the user interface. Left, right forward (maybe backward), charge up and attack. Players would have to know about their left and right orientation and also know how to judge distance properly.

Accuracy is very important to consider because any misstep could cause a disaster. The player can’t stay stationary though, because the score can only be cashed in by meeting the endpoint. Reaching the endpoint requires planning and strategy which can be thought over beforehand because of the “coding” style game play.

Robot Simulator

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