About BSD

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How We Do Business

1. Identification​


  • Ideation
  • Strategy
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Audit
  • Create Partnerships 
  • Applied Research
  • Gamification of Education

2. Action​


  • Custom VR development
  • Dashboard development
  • Mobile Apps
  • Content Creation
  • Project Management
  • Design
  • Deployment
  • Support

3. Solution​


  • Hardware sales
  • Hardware support
  • Hardware setup
  • Hardware Deployment
  • Integrations with existing systems
  • Integrations with APIs and tools like power BI
  • LTS Support

4. Education​


  • Pilot testing
  • Results gathering
  • Presentations & Tradeshows
  • Research
  • Iteration

Our Solutions

We have worked with organizations to help identify their business needs, develop custom solutions, deploy hardware, and research & measure results. Explore some of our past projects & let us know if something get you thinking.

Case Study: Try The Trades North

In the second week of April, part of the Bit Space Development team took a trip to northern Manitoba to share our learning experiences with kids who live in communities that don’t often get access to technology that we use daily here in the office.

On an early Tuesday morning in March, four people from Bit Space and one from the Manitoba Construction Sector Council piled into a minivan with a staggering amount of technology. We brought 22 Apple iPads, 27 Pico Goblin standalone VR headsets, 2 Acer Windows Mixed Reality headsets with laptops to power them, and a whole bunch of extra equipment just in case, which included two HTC Vive setups and extra laptops.  

Try on the Trades in the North

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So what can we do for you?

Lets explore how we can help implement Interactive innovation in your organization.
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