The Oculus DK1 is where it all started for us. Shortly after trying the DK1, @CMDannCA quit his job and started Bit Space Development.

If it weren't for this device, BSD wouldn't exist.

#virtualreality #vr #tbt #oculusrift #oculusdk1 #softwaredevelopment

With all the work-from-home, learn-from-home that's going on right now, we're working on ideas to improve how XR tech can help.
We recently revived an old experiment with VR markers and chalk.
You can try a demo of it if you have a SteamVR headset.

Happy Friday!
We hope you had a #magical week! Ours was filled with XR conference meetings at #MRdevdays, some experiments with @MozillaHubs, topped by some cool pins from @magicleap!
Have a great weekend. Get ready to conquer the world on Monday
#mixedreality #development #xr

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