Bit Space Equipment: Pico Goblin

Bit Space Equipment: Pico Goblin Bit Space Development Ltd. Pico Goblin

Bit Space Equipment: Pico Goblin By Kevin Carbotte At Bit Space Development, we are always experimenting with new technology, and we’ve had the opportunity to play with many new devices. But just because we try a piece of tech doesn’t mean that we’ll use it in production. Some devices stand out as superior, and we […]

Kohler View AR Product Previews

Kohler View AR application

By BSD Marketing In the last two years, we have seen a booming era of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality widely applied in various industries. More and more companies are adding “AR as a Feature” to enhance shopping experience for customers. This year, Kohler Canada dipped its toes into Augmented Reality with “Kohler View”, enabling […]

Roadbuilders Safety Training Updates

Roadbuilders Safety Training Updates Bit Space Development Ltd. Roadbuilders Safety Training

New Features on Roadbuilders Safety Training By BSD Marketing The Roadbuilders Safety Training (RSTS) is a 16-module training course for Roadbuilders to learn and get more practice on safety training at the work site. The training app is powered in Virtual Reality that requires a VR Headset and a controller. Naratives RSTS gameplay has been […]

Bit Space Skills Canada

Skills Canada

Bit Space at Skills Canada By Kevin Carbotte Last weekend was a busy time in Winnipeg where a large competition and trade show took place at RBC Convention Centre for Skills Canada National Competition 2017. Apart from being an exciting event of trades, it is also a gathering place for in-the-field innovations and decision-makers in various […]

Photogrammetry – The Real Virtal World

bit space photogrammetry experiment

Photogrammetry – The Real Virtual World By Dan Blair Photogrammetry is a very interesting science, it is something that is still growing but it is a technology that is going to revolutionize virtual reality. Imagine taking photos of a room and turning them into a 3D model that can be imported into Unity to walk around […]