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Trades Town – An educational game about trades

Manitoba Construction Sector Council (MCSC) aims to promote and coordinate the development of a diverse, inclusive, well-educated workforce in support of careers of choice in a dynamic and evolving construction industry.

This year, MCSC team wishes to create a fun-to-learn experience for kids and younger student groups to generally learn about different trades, which contributes to their knowledge and consideration of future career.


Game Idea


MCSC and Bit Space team have been working together to come up with a game idea that simulates one of the most popular board games ever – Monopoly. We believe such a board game can stimulate players’ learning by great interactions. On the one hand, it is fun to play with multi-players; and easy to absorb knowledge on the other hand.


Trades Town Game Description


The Trades Town game is similar to the Monopoly board game. Up to 4 players compete to take over the town with their knowledge of the trades industry! Build your workshop by moving around the board and collecting all 6 of the industry icons: Wood, Metals, Electric, Machines, Pipes and Mud/Concrete.


Players can learn about 17 different careers in the trades industry such as Welder, Tilesetter, Plumber and Carpenter. Each career is detailed with important information to get players started on the road to thinking about the trades including salary range, future outlook, and apprenticeship requirements.


Cruise through the Career Prospect Pages to study each career outside of the game action, including videos of people who work in that trade and their experience on the job. Small town domination is just a click away!


Target players


It is a board game application intended to teach kids grade 4 and up about the trades in Manitoba.

It features information and animations for a variety of different industries.




The Trades Town game features:

  • 6 Factions: Wood, Metal, Machines, Electricity, Pipes, Mud/Concrete
  • 5 spots per faction
  • 30 total question tiles per game
  • Randomized board faction placement
  • 5-ish questions per faction (around 52 possible questions)
  • Playable and fun with 1 to 4 players
  • Fact sheets are directly tied to the question (to reduce the amount of facts written to each fact sheet)
  • Audio/Videos are also embedded.




Daniel Blair

I am the owner, founder, and one of the developers at Bit Space Development Ltd.

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