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uSens Set to Bring 26DoF to the Pico Goblin

The mobile VR arena is getting some love at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Pico, makers of the Goblin, announced that their device will be testing a new hand tracking input solution. This new tech comes from a partnership with uSens, makers of a 26DoF (degrees of freedom) hand tracking device call Fingo.


The Fingo will come as an attachment with a custom mount for the Goblin. It will then allow users to experience full hand tacking, in place of using the 3DoF controller. Unfortunately, this upgrade will only be supporting custom enterprise and educational content. However, that is only the beginning.


A Growing Concept


Full hand tracking has been one of the major obstacles standing in the way of VR adoption in both business and education. Fortunately, uSens has been pioneering custom solutions for several VR headsets to get around this. Testing the waters with the Goblin could lead to demand for integrated solutions down the road. If that happens, companies like uSens believe that software developers will be more inclined to jump on board for consumer products.



Yes, that means games where your hands and all those lovely digits will be in control, instead of pressing buttons. For those of you that can’t wait to get your hands in VR, you can actually pick up a Fingo for $99.00. The SDK can be downloaded for free and even supports tethered VR devices like the Rift and Vive.


Unfortunately, you will also need to make your own game that supports the tracking of the 22 finger joints now at your disposal. But, I am sure that at least a dozen of you are up to the task. Just make sure you share your creations with your friends here at VRtheGamers.



Erick Tran
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