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Custom VR Development

Developing a high quality virtual reality application from scratch is a process that takes time and expertise. We start by working with your experts to determine what is the most impactful aspect of your business to focus on, what are the core elements of the job or process that need to be simulated, and then we work with your team to create a plan for a solution that will solve the problem you are currently setting out to overcome. 

Our team of developers and artists work with you to create true to life levels, tools, and objectives that can be used to enhance existing training or augment the way you market your business. 

Our Development Process

1. Consulting & Design

The initial phase of the project is all about gathering as much information as possible which includes materials required to understand the content being simulated as well as identifying which options for head mounted displays, integrations, and processes will be used for this solution.

3. Development & Testing

During the development phase, our team works on creating the more robust art and levels that will be present in the simulation and more complete content and interactions as designed.

We use an iterative testing process to ensure quality and bugs are addressed throughout the development process.

2. Interaction Prototyping

In phase 2, we focus on rough blackouts of levels, basic gameplay loops and interactions, and prototyping the types of activities and actions the users will take inside the simulation. This will help ensure that the types of interactions that have been planned will work or your users.

4. Deployment & MEasurment

Once the final product has been tested and is ready to deploy, we work with your team to roll out the experience to users and begin measuring usage and gathering any initial feedback required from the team. This is also where we will work with your IT team to roll out the software and train your team on usage.

How can VR help?

83 %

Accounting to Johnson Johnson, you are 83% more likely to be able to perform a technical task after training in VR. – Venturebeat

98.3 %

When surveying over 300 participants in 40 northern and rural communities in Manitoba most participants enjoyed and engaged with the experience. – BSD

40 +

We have worked with companies across Canada and the US to develop high impact solutions for industries like construction. 

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Learn about how we worked with the local electrical union to help augment the way they delivered content in their classrooms and helped make the content they teach more engaging.
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Explore some of our recent projects where we set out to build amazing virtual worlds.

Simulating Welding Using XR

This application used VR technology and a custom peripheral to calculate materials used, collisions, and times for users who are learning about welding.

Learn About Power Tools In VR

The Power Tools Simulator exposes new entrants to 8 different power tools, their safe operation, potential hazards, and the correct PPE for the job.

Exposing Youth To Skill Trades

Using VR we were able to expose youth workers to job site hazards before they got their first job. The tech allows them to identify hazards while also exploring a future career.

Learn To Operate Heavy Equipment

The aerial work platform simulator we developed combines digital training with physical hardware, For this experience we created a custom controller to map the digital controls to real inputs. Custom Environments

BSD is one of the few Spatial's trusted agencies, we help you with your virtual or hybrid event, avatars design, and interactions.

Our Customers

Stakeholders were nationally recognized for their innovative approach, earning an industry award. The new training has already enhanced the way safety is taught to thousands of users. A client-oriented team, the vendor exceeded expectations with their responsiveness to feedback.
Bit Space’s efforts led to innovative products that revolutionized the learning experience. The VR and video tools have all received great feedback from students in training. They delivered a user-friendly website to ease administrative processes. The team was a true pleasure to work with.
The VR platform Bit Space built has been a tremendously effective tool for getting people interested and discussing important topics. In addition to exceeding the organization's expectations, their team was also great to work–helpful, responsive, and passionate in their approach.

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