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About Us & What We Do

Let me introduce you to the project management we have all been looking for

Expert Planning

We go through the scope of your project and carefully plan all the details down to a tee. We provide an accurate quote with no games or gimmicks.


We keep an open stream of communication between our team and client. We utilize our communication tools so that everyone is on the same page at all times.


We believe when it comes to creating a great product that it’s really in the details. We strive to only create great work with even better results for our clients.

Interactive Technology

At Bit Space Development we pride ourselves in creating interactive technology that brings back the results our clients expect.

Our Skills, Talents &


Our team has a wide variety of skills ranging from things like¬†native application development all the way to Ionic solutions for virtual reality. Our business development team is always around to help. As we always say, at Bit Space Development we are in the business of building business’s.

Coding 0
Hybrid Applications 0
Virtual Reality Content 0

How We Do What We Do

Innovation and Learning

Initial Meeting

In the initial meeting we gain an accurate understanding of your project.


We begin to plan the development process. This includes establishing an open line of communication with our client.


We start working on your project, keeping you up to date with bi-weekly updates.


Once your project is launched, we maintain it and remain available for further development.

Easy & Simple

At Bit Space Development we strongly believe or collaboration over competition. If you have an idea to collaborate or work together feel free to reach out!

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Our Team

The amazing people we work with

Founder & CEO
Dan Blair

Dan is the founder and CEO at Bit Space Development, a developer himself he works on managing the day to day operations as well as building amazing technology.

CIO, Geofy Lead
Michael Farris

Michael leads the Geofy initiative as product owner and evangelist. Within BSD he is Chief Innovation Officer making sure new projects take fresh perspectives on fulfilling customer needs.

CTO & Lead Developer
Alex Trauzzi

As the CTO of Bit Space Development Alex is responsible not just for the technical planning and operations of the company, but also the growth of the company's developers.


Contact Us For Collaborations, Questions Or To Say Hi

Our community is a large contributing factor to who we are at Bit Space Development. We are always open to questions, collaborations or just to introduce ourselves a little better.

Winnipeg Office

321 McDermont Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Email: [email protected]