Cineguide On The Road

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By Daniel Blair

How can you take the audience into your experience while taking them to locations around their community where films were created? Cineguide is a location-based augmented reality platform for learning about films and collecting pieces of the story. Content creators can place content on the map and provide users with pins that contain content like:

The content created on the platform is spread out around the user and anchored to physical locations which encourage the user to travel through the city to explore locations. Content is also randomly generated around users as well.

Taking It On The Road

Over the last few months, BSD has been travelling a lot for demonstrations and workshops, and during these activities, kids are playing with technology like the VR applications we took to the north earlier this month.

Cineguide has been now taken to communities like:

Kids in these communities were encouraged to learn about augmented reality and explore content about films created in Canada.

Download Cineguide

You can download the application for both Android and iOS

The app was just released this month so please download it and give it a shot, feedback is welcome, and we’re excited to see where this platform goes.

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