Its Coference Season!

Kevin Carbotte round

By Kevin Carbotte

It has been a busy couple of weeks here at Bit Space Development. In the last three weeks, we took part in three different off-site events to help promote our software and our clients. Such is the nature of conference season!

Partying with SkipTheDishes!

The 2019 Bit Space conference tour–as I’m calling it–kicked off with an event at SkipTheDishes, where we showed off our SkipTheDishes 360-degree video tour and the SkipTheDishes LevelUP VR demo. 

The SkipTheDishes event wasn’t a promotional event for us. However, when a client asks us to help them promote the work we’ve done for them, we’re usually happy to oblige. So, the BSD Business team packed up our gear and joined SkipTheDishes at their party in late January. 

Learning About the Future of Work

Next up, BSD participated in the ICTAM DisrputED conference, which explores the future of work and education. Immersive technology was a big theme at the event, and our Virtual Reality demonstrations were a big hit.

DisruptED featured speakers from all around North America to speak about different facets of modern education and the future of work, which is getting more and more disrupted by new technology. Many of the speakers mentioned VR in their talks, which made our booth a hot-spot on the show floor.

Bit Space demonstrated LevelUP VR at the event, which is designed to introduce kids to the mentality of watching for hazards at work. We spoke with people in various levels of education and decision makers at several local businesses. We also demonstrated some of our 360-degree content and our VRSafety training platform.

Overall, the reaction to our wares was positive, and we got some great feedback to improve the things we build, and we got some new ideas to create new experiences. 

VR Was Prominent Feature at CSAM

The third stop on our Conference tour was the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba (CSAM) safety conference, which was our biggest event so far this year. BSD has worked closely with the construction industry ever since the company was established four years ago, and we have multiple clients who attended the event.

Bit Space Development was all over the CSAM show floor. We had our booth where we demonstrated some of our safety training tools. We also helped run the Manitoba Construction Sector Council’s booth, where we showcased MCSC’s new Power Tools VR application, which we’ve been building since last year.

The Power Tools VR app is meant to be a component of a training course which teaches you how to use a variety of power tools, such as drills and saws. The CSAM conference was the first time that we showed Power Tools VR to the public and the reaction we got from those who tried it was very positive. We spoke to far more people about the concept of teaching you how to use tools than the number of people who tried it. But the people who donned the headset saw the value in learning through VR. 

Manitoba Construction Sector Council

At the MCSC booth, we also had a couple of Pico Goblin mobile headsets that were pre-loaded with the confined spaces app that we built for MCSC a year ago. 

LevelUP VR!

Our client, Safe Workers of Tomorrow, also had a significant presence at the CSAM conference. The company rented a large booth in one corner of the show floor, and it was allowing anyone interested in trying the game, and the company representatives couldn’t be happier with the response from the people who stopped by for a visit. 

At the MCSC booth, we also had a couple of Pico Goblin mobile headsets that were pre-loaded with the confined spaces app that we built for MCSC a year ago. 

A New Product Launch

We also launched a new product at the CSAM conference. The Construction Safety Association of Manitoba commissioned Bit Space Development for an analytics tool, which we call Indicator Dashboard. CSAM and BSD have worked together for more than a year to put Indicator together, and we debuted the tool at the end of this year’s event. 

More to Come!

We’re just five weeks into 2019, and we already have three events complete. However, we’re just getting started with our promotional schedule for the year. Stay tuned for more details about where we’ll be and what we’ll be showcasing. 2019 should be an exciting year at Bit Space Development! 

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