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The use of immersive technology for training and education is on the rise because it's effective!


Training Solutions

Since the begining of Bit Space Development, we’ve always praised the benefits of immersive technology in education and training. 

We build custom VR training solutions for businesses. Our VR Safety platform gives you the option to self-author virtual tours for process training. This tool is used by schools, construction companies, manufacturing companies, or any other business that puts employees in potentially hazardous situations.

We also offer custom software development for more advanced training experiences. 


Collaboration Environments

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to rapidly adapt to the situation. Many teams found themselves working remotely for the first time, including our own. 

Bit Space Development has been working remotely since April 2020 and we’ve been using a virtual environment to stay connected. It works so well that we decided to sell them. 

If you’re looking for a virtual solution that can bring your team together while working remotely, a Mozilla Hubs environment might be just what you’re looking for. 


Educational Experiences

Immersive technology is an incredibly powerful learning tool, so why would we limit it’s benefits to businesses? The answer is we wouldn’t! Bit Space Development prides itself in assisting educational institutions implement immersive technologies to offers improved learning experiences.

BSD has a long history of working with schools and students. We’ve created multiple award winning educational experiences and we’ve helped schools and universities develop VR and AR training solutions. 


Work with a team that has the experience to execute your ideas

Bit Space Development is a veteran in the VR and AR development space. Our company is in its sixth year of operations, which makes us an old dog in this industry. VR and AR are immerging technologies that many companies say they specialize in. Bit Space Development has been doing it successfully for more than half a decade and we’ve seen many of our competitors come and go. We’re here for the long haul!

Our team of skilled developers and artists have decades of experience building digital experiences, with over 30 years of XR development knowledge accumulated between all of us. We know what’s possible today, what will be possible tomorrow, and where this technology will take us in the future and we’ll make sure you’re ready to maximize its potential. 

Top AR/VR Developers


Consulting, development

Whether you’re just looking into XR technology and don’t know where to start, or you have an idea but need some guidance to help you execute on it, we’re here to help. 

Our expert consulting team can help you better understand the technology and how it can apply to your business needs. We’re here to open your eyes to the possibilities of immersive technology. Think of us as your helping hand to help you navigate the sea of information out there about AR and VR.


Tech Demos

The old adage “seeing is believing” was never more true than with XR technology. It’s extremely hard to understand the value and the magic of VR and AR until you’ve tried if for yourself. 

That’s why BSD has a showroom for our clients to test the technology in person and we’re often bringing tech demonstrations to trade shows and industry events. 

Note: BSD’s public showroom is closed for the duration of the pandemic. We will open again when we can do so safe and responsibly. In the meantime, we continue to do remote demonstrations and presentations for prospective clients.


custom iot

We’re innovators at heart. We don’t rely solely on technology that exists, we’re here to build solutions that don’t yet exist. 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the market, let’s create it! We love solving problems with new ideas. 

We specialize in AR and VR solutions, but that’s not where our expertise ends. We have projects that involved the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, computer vision, cloud computing, and we have an in-house hardware design team to create custom devices for unique projects.

Our Multi-Stage Process Ensures Your Project's Success

Our four-stage process takes you from ideation through full deployment with several checks and balances along the way. 

First, we enter the Identification stage. This is where we establish partnerships and sit down with you to determine your needs. The first phase includes ideation, strategy, research, and requirements gathering. 

Next, we move to the Action phase, which includes design, development, art, and content creation for the project.

Phase three is Implementation, which includes hardware procurement, setup, and deployment, as well as integration with existing infrastructure. 

Phase four is the education phase, where we run pilot tests, gather results and iterate based on feedback. 



The first step in implementing a successful XR solution is identifying the core of the problem that you want to solve. We can’t build a meaningful solution until we understand your problem.

There is a wide variety of AR and VR technologies and they don’t all fit the same purpose. Our professional consultants will help you isolate the best solution for your business needs.


Learning Outcomes

Identifying the problem is just the beginning. Once we determine your problem, we work with you to define what it takes to solve it.

Our in-house education professionals help you outline goals and build the curriculum for your training solution. Our team will ensure that the experience teaches the end user the knowledge they need to perform their jobs safely and skillfully.


Development & Implementation

With the problem clearly defined and the learning outcomes established, our team of highly-skilled software developers take your idea and turns it into a practical solution. 

With more than 30-years of collective XR development experience, and over 50-years of collective software development experience, we’ve got the know-how to solve your problems with innovative technology. 

We're Obsessed with new Technology so you don't have to be

Bit Space Development works primarily with AR and VR technologies, but we don’t consider ourselves and AR/VR Development studio. We’re an Innovation Hub, and we will work with any technology that gets the job done. We’re always diving into the newest innovations and learning their ins and outs so we can use them to solve your biggest challenges. 

If you’ve got questions about a specific piece immersive tech hardware, we can probably give you first-hand knowledge about it. And if we’ve never tried it, we’ve probably still talked to the company that makes it.

The Right Tech for You

BSD works with all the leading AR and VR hardware manufacturers. We’re not beholden to any single platform and we’re not in this business for a commission check from headset suppliers.
We’re committed to solving your problems with the right technology for your needs. That’s why we have partnerships with Pico, Oculus, HTC Vive, VRgineers, Microsoft Hololens, Magic Leap, and Nreal. 

We’re always looking for partnerships with new hardware vendors to make sure we’re staying current with the latest technology options so we can solve any problem. 

Custom Peripherals

Some XR solutions may require a unique peripheral. Most of the time, we can use off-the-shelf simulation hardware to create an elaborate VR simulation. Other times, an off-the-shelf option doesn’t exist. 

When we can’t find a pre-built peripheral, we resort to custom assembly. We’ve built devices as simple as a handle that gives you something tactile to hold in a simulation, and we’ve built things as complex as replicating machinery consoles. 

No project is too big of a challenge when you build something custom to fit. 


Work with a team that has the experience to execute your ideas

Independent Software Developer Programs

Bit Space Development is here to solve your problems, not force a specific technology upon you. That is why we maintain partnerships with a wide variety of hardware vendors.

Most of the major players in the XR hardware industry run programs that enable independent software developers to foster direct relationships with the hardware vendors. These programs give developers access to priority support, early access to new features and updates, and give client companies ease of mind that they are working with a certified software vendor that knows what its doing.

Bit Space Development is a member of several ISV (independent software vendor) programs, which gives you the most flexibility when selecting a headset vendor for your project.

BSD participates in the following developer programs with hardware vendors:

-Oculus ISV


-Pico Interactive Technology Partner

BSD also maintains relationships with the following hardware vendors:

Microsoft HoloLens

-Magic Leap

-HP (Reverb G2 Omnicept)



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