Bit Space at Skills Canada National Competition 2017

Last weekend was a busy time in Winnipeg where a large competition and trade show took place at RBC Convention Centre for Skills Canada National Competition 2017. A part from being an exciting event of trades, it is also a gathering place for in-the-field innovations and decision-makers in various organizations.

Skills Canada was a great convention for Bit Space to showcase our technologies. Not only did we have a client on the main tradeshow floor demonstrating our technology, but we also had 2 additional booths showcasing our two other technologies. It was a great honour to have so much of our work on display for thousands of students, competitors, and tradespeople.

The Applications

We had several applications being displayed at the event. These experiences ranged from GearVR, HoloLens, Oculus, and Google Cardboard applications.

Red River College

On the ground floor next to the networking and programming competitors, you could come to try the Red River College VR tour created in our lab. The booth ran the Oculus CV1 to send you to the Exchange District Campus on Princess Street to explore the ACE department.

The application aimed to bring prospective and international students a quick taste of the campus and its facility being offered before flying halfway around the world to experience it. Learn more on our website.

Manitoba Construction Sector Council (MCSC)

On the second floor in the trades area, you could try 2 applications at the booth of the Manitoba Construction Sector Council.

Framer Course

Developed for the Samsung GearVR, learners were able to explore a real job site where a house was being built. Experience different stages of homebuilding, and gain valuable knowledge. Learn more on our website.

Road Builders Safety Training System (RSTS)

One of our more complex titles, developed through funding provided by the WCB of Manitoba‘s innovation program and guided by the professional knowledge at the MCSC and the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association. RSTS is a game designed for the GearVR that has you explore 16 modules and teach you the different aspects of road building. Learn more on our website.

Interactive hotspots and integrated quizzes drive this experience.

IBEW / UA Canada

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Identification of Safety Hazards on Virtual Construction Worksite (IBEW Local 2085)

On the third floor right beside the cranes, trucks, and mechanics you were able to experience one of our pilot applications for the IBEW, MCSC, and WCB. This application like RSTS uses 360-degree photography and interactive hotspots to drive a learning experience about slips, trips, and falls. 

This application is the first in a series of safety games. Learn more on our website.


Throughout the show at various booths, you were able to try one of our Hololens prototypes. We used augmented reality to place a holographic excavator on the tradeshow floor with you. This video shows you a taste for what is possible.

This demo application was last shown alongside Microsoft at the Web Summit 2016 conference in Lisbon Portugal.


We received a lot of really positive feedback on the applications. Because of our locations on all 3 floors we were able to gain the maximum amount of eyes on our products. A lot of people at Skills Canada were trying VR for the first time, which is really encouraging to us to be able to give these users a good first experience in a new medium.

If you want to know more about our products, frameworks, and previous work you can find at on our website.